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  • It is a connection board to connect JDI reflective memory in pixel (MIP) LCD to FRDM-K64F. Since it supports multiple types of LCD and is assembled with an oscillation circuit etc., by simply connecting it,it is possible to evaluate JDI reflective MIP LCD.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 85.71 USD
  • A module to use MESH GPIO tag on LittleBits.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 14.00 USD
  • A board to use devices of GROVE system on MESH GPIO tag.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 8.00 USD
  • A module to control "ON/OFF" on USB using MESH GPIO tag.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 10.00 USD
  • YMF825Board Rev.A UDA-YMF825BOARD (3399)

    This is a board with a Yamaha YMF825 (SD-1) mounted on it. The SD-1 is a 4-operator, 16-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer chip. Its registers can be controlled directly by SPI. The board has a crystal unit. The chip has a DAC and an amplifier. You can generate sound by only manipulating the registers.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 30.00 USD out of stock
  • The parts for W&T Thermal Cam PCB.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 9.26 USD out of stock
  • FCC and Japan radio type approved Bluetooth low energy development board with Nordic nRF51822 SoC. This board is for developing with mbed online compiler.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 35.00 USD
  • An ESPr Developer semi finished kit with ultra low power consumption color LCD from JDI (Japan Display Inc). The components are fully soldered, so just fix the display to get started!

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 76.19 USD
  • HEARTalk™ UU-002 UDA-HEARTALK-UU-002 (3333)

    HEARTalk™ UU-002 is a new natural response technology developed by Yamaha Corporation that introduces natural human voice inflections to computerized voice. It converts a flat computerized voice into a more natural human-like dialogue, just by speaking to the onboard microphone. HEARTalk™ is a registered trade mark of Yamaha Corporation.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 85.00 USD
  • Ultra-low power consumption color reflective LCD module from JDI (Japan Display Inc.). Introduction of proprietary reflective color technology made it possible for you to enjoy clear visibility even under the direct sunlight. Communication method and size are SPI and 1.28 model respectively.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 34.28 USD
  • NinjaScan-Light Module SSCI-025508 (2550)

    An ultra small GPS logger which is equipped with GPS, barometer, and 9-axis motion sensors. This is NOT kit version.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 150.00 USD This item is retired.
  • Introduced by NADA ELECTRONICS, AS-289R2 Thermal Printer Shield is the most advanced two-inch (58 mm) thermal printer in the industry.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 161.00 USD
  • BLE module on Switch Science mbed TY51822r3 is Taiyo Yuden EYSGCNZWY. EYSGCNZWY is FCC, IC, and TELEC approved.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 38.00 USD
  • NinjaScan-Light Kit SSCI-023641 (2364)

    An ultra small GPS logger which is equipped with GPS, barometer, and 9-axis motion sensors.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 190.00 USD out of stock
  • This product is only a pcb of ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout Pro.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 1.50 USD
  • Multi voltage level converter with the Texas Instruments chip, TXS0108E, that performs bidirectional level shifting from any voltage to any voltage between 1.8V and 5V. It allows 8-bit bidirectional low-voltage conversion for a wide range such as 5V-3.3, V3.3V-1.8V, 5V-1.8V.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 8.00 USD
  • The breakout board for the chip SC16IS750 converts I2C or SPI serial signals to UART. It is handy for expanding a serial port when using microcontrollers.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 15.00 USD
  • These are the stand-offs and screw sets for Raspberry Pi. You can secure the HAT with your Raspberry Pi.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 1.85 USD
  • Mount this carrier board directly to Rapiro, and you can wirelessly control your Rapiro using XBee.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 18.50 USD
  • Intel® Edison Breakout Board

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 16.00 USD