SC16IS750 UART with I2C bus interface breakout board

The breakout board for the chip SC16IS750 converts I2C or SPI serial signals to UART. It is handy for expanding a serial port when using microcontrollers.

Main functions of IC:

  • Converts I2C or SPI serial signals to UART
  • I2C/SPI signals for slave configuration only
  • IrDA SIR interface for data rates up to 115.2 Kbps
  • Maximum data rate of 5 Mbps per serial port
  • 64-byte UART receive and transmit FIFO
  • Operation voltage: 3.3V or 2.5V
  • Maximum 8-bit general-purpose I/O pins

For more information, please see the manufacturer website.


  • NXP SC16IS750IPW chip
  • Crystal 12MHz
  • Jumper pad for setting up I2C address
  • I2C pull-up resistor (Resistor size: 0603)
  • DIP width: 5"
  • Board color: Blue

It does not come with pin headers. Please purchase and solder the pin header appropriate for your intended use.

About I2C address:

By cutting and connecting A0 and A1 jumper pad on the back of the breakout board, you can change I2C address. A0 is connected to VDD, A1 is connected to VSS at the initial setting, and the address is 0x98(1001 100X). Please refer to the IC data sheet regarding other settings.

About I2C pull-up register:

By soldering the 1608 size resistor chip to the R3 and R4 on the back of the board, you can pull-up the I2C signal line with supply voltage (3V3 terminal). R3 pulls-up SDA, R4 pulls-up SCL.

Please acquire separately the pull-up resistor (size 1608) and solder it as needed. As the distance between the resistor and the header is quite short, it is easier to mount the resistor first.






SC16IS750 UART with I2C bus interface  breakout board
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