NinjaScan-Light Kit

NinjaScan-Light is a tiny logger with GPS receiver, 3-axis accelerometer,barometer, 3-axis gyro, 3-axis magnetometer, and a thermometer. This item was commercialized based on an open-source hardware project (Creative Commons + New BSD) originally developed by a project leader fenrir. The data recorded by each sensor can be stored in a microSD card. Also, you can dump real-time data via USB connection. By using the supplied software, you can convert the file into CSV format, which you can edit with various software including Microsoft Excel.

Upon launching NinjaScan-Light, we worked with fenrir. But, please do not contact fenrir for information regarding this product. Please contact us in case of any transportation and production related issues. We do not provide technical support for this product.


Sampling rate of each sensor

  • gyro and accerolometer : 100Hz(10 ms),
  • magnetometer : approximately 2 Hz (640 ms)
  • barometer : approximately 3 Hz (320 ms)
  • GPS : 5Hz (200ms)

The pre-written firmware is open-source and rewritable. As for the microSD reader, also SDHC and microSD for lager data capacity can be used. You can supply power either by USB or Li-poly battery (1 cell = 3.7V). An alternative way to supply power is from batteries of your computer and smartphone. You can charge a li-poly battery via USB. There is also Scan Ninja GUI tool [ZIP] available for converting the log data into CSV format for Windows users. This software is open-source as well.


  • Silicon Laboratories C8051F381 MCU with USB port
  • u-blox NEO-6 series GPS receiver
  • 6 DOF inertial sensor, Invernesses MPU-6000( 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis angular velocity)
  • 3-axis magnetic sensor, Freescale MAG3110
  • Pressure and temperature sensor, Measurement specialties MS5611
  • Power management IC with integrated Li-Ion battery charger, Linear Technology LTC3550
  • microSD port supporting microSDHC/FAT32


  • NinjaScan-Light main board
  • GPS antenna (U.FL connector)
  • Cable with JST ZH-housing (power supply)
  • JST SH connector 12-pin housing
  • pre-crimped cables for JST SH housing
  • USB cable A to Micro-B
  • U.FL-SMA (female) adapter cable (provides a connection for regular GPS antenna)
  • BEC female connector with cable (power supply for radio controlled model planes or cars)

LiPo battery is not included.

The coating thickness of the cables can vary depending on the actual shipping period.





NinjaScan-Light Kit
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  • NinjaScan-Light Module SSCI-025508 (2550)

    An ultra small GPS logger which is equipped with GPS, barometer, and 9-axis motion sensors. This is NOT kit version.

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  • Wire Harness for JST 2-Pin ZH-PH

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