Intel® Edison Breakout Board

This breakout board lets you hook up Intel® Edison to your breadboard. It covers almost all I/O to prototype Edison. The pin pitch is 300mil on breadboard side, and is 500mil on the Edison side, leaving a lot of space on the breadboard.

This board also has a USB to Serial converter and power circuit, which can provide power to Edison through USB cable by connecting it to your host computer. Or with 5V input terminal, you can use Edison as standalone device.

The breakout board does not come with headers. You will need to purchase and solder pin headers separately. Also, we recommend fine headers, due to the high quantity of pins.


  • USB to serial converter circuit
  • level shifter circuit for Edison (5V to 4.1V)
  • USB Micro-AB connector for USB-OTG (Edison as USB host)
  • It covers almost all I/O of Edison
  • Power supply simultaneously through 2 USB connectors and 5V input terminal
  • I/O signals from Edison are 1.8V (signals directly from Edison)
  • Board is 1mm thick
  • Board color is blue

Breakout board (front)


Breakout board (back)


with pin headers


Blinking LED on breadboard



Intel® Edison Breakout Board
Name Intel® Edison Breakout Board
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