LM75B temperature sensor (I2C interface)

This is an I2C controlled, breadboard friendly breakout board designed for NXP temperature sensor, LM75B.

Power supply range is from 2.8 V to 5.5 V.


  • 2.8 V to 5.5 V supply

  • I²C interface

  • I²C slave address: 1001 000 (changeable)

  • temperature resolution: 0.125 °C

Sample code



You can change I²C address by cutting A0, A1, A2 at the back of board and soldering pull-up resistor on surface.The address at the time of shipment is 7 bit, and will be written 1001 000.

A2 A1 A0 Back(Right)Aligned 8bit signage Front(Left)Aligned 8bit signage
0 0 0 0x48 0x90
0 0 1 0x49 0x92
0 1 0 0x4A 0x94
0 1 1 0x4B 0x96
1 0 0 0x4C 0x98
1 0 1 0x4D 0x9A
1 1 0 0x4E 0x9C
1 1 1 0x4F 0x9E


When you have cut the short jumper at the back to change I²C address, you will need to solder chip resistor (1608 type, 10 KΩ) to R4, R5, R6.

Corresponds to:
A0 → R4
A1 → R5
A2 → R6

LM75B temperature sensor (I2C interface)
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