Bit module for MESH GPIO Tag

A module to use MESH GPIO tag on LittleBits. Output voltage will change from 0 ~ 5 V by adjusting the value of PWM pin from 0 ~ 100 on the MESH GPIO tag. The operating voltage will convert to 5 V (both input and output) on Little bits even though the voltage is 3.3 V on MESH GPIO tag.

Please pay attention to the direction when you connect the GPIO tag.The pin numbers on tag and board should face the same way.


  • Input voltage range:0~5 V
  • Output voltage range:0~5 V
  • Pins used on MESH GPIO tag
  • PWM:Used for analog output voltage.
  • AIN:Used for analog input voltage.



Bit module for MESH GPIO Tag
Name Bit module for MESH GPIO Tag
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