GROVE board for MESH GPIO tag

A board to use devices of GROVE system on MESH GPIO tag. This product is a Switch Science original based on the circuit designed by IAMAS Shigeru Kobayashi.

There are four connectors on this board. Digital input x1, analog input x1, digital output x2 (DOUT and PWM).

Power supply voltage is 3.3 V. Please be aware that it will not operate on 5 V devices. Also on devices that use 12C or UART.

Please pay attention to the direction when you connect the GPIO tag.The pin numbers on tag and board should face the same way.


  • Operating voltage:DC 3.3 V
  • Pin assignment
    • CN1 Digital Input: DIN1 DIN2
    • CN2 Analog Input: AIN(and splits to DIN3)
    • CN3 Digital Output: DOUT1 DOUT2
    • CN4 Digital Output: PWM DOUT3



GROVE board for MESH GPIO tag
Name GROVE board for MESH GPIO tag
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