Touch Sensor for MESH GPIO

Touch Sensor for MESH GPIO is an expansion board designed for MESH GPIO Tag.The sensor activates by touching it.

All of the parts are fully assembled so you can use it right away.

Please be careful of the direction when you connect. For more tutorials on GPIO tag pin# and board, please refer to Wiki (Japanese).


  • Operating voltage: 3.3 V
  • GPIO tag pin: Vo GND DIN1 DIN2
  • TOUT: It runs at high when you touch center of board
  • POUT:To detect "touch" even when placing paper etc. between board and finger, use POUT. Response may vary due to material and/or thickness.
  • Short jumper SJ1: For additional antenna


  • Board × 1


  • Image when connected to GPIO tag

Touch Sensor for MESH GPIO
Name Touch Sensor for MESH GPIO
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