PCA9629APW stepping motor driver breakout board

This board has PCA9629APW, the stepping motor controller IC by NXP, soldered onto a breakout board.Output wave train is programmable using control registers. The control registers are programmed via the I²C-bus.

This board is an IC controller and does not have a motor driver. Please choose an appropriate driver on your own.


  • Operating voltage: 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V.
  • Controls four Unipolar stepping motor coils
  • Four balanced push-pull type outputs capable of sinking 25 mA or sourcing 25 mA
  • One-phase (wave drive), two-phase, and half-step drive format logic level outputs
  • Programmable motor action either multiple times (1 to 255) or continuously
  • Programmable re-start motor with new speed and operation while motor is still running
  • Programmable ramp-up on start and ramp-down to stop
  • 32-bit step counter to count output steps
  • Programmable watchdog timer with option to generate interrupt, reset device or stop motor
  • Four general purpose I/Os: P0 to P3
  • A variety of interrupting features from IC
  • Interface: I2C
  • I2 address: 0 × 40 (0100 000x) ~ 0 × 5E (0101 111x)
  • A pattern signal on pull-up resistor for I2. (resistor is not included)


  • About pinheader
    Please prepare the pin header by yourself and solder it depending on your purpose.

  • About pull-up resistor for I2C.
    The pull-up resistor for I2C is not included at default. If you are thinking of adding, please solder chip resistor to R1 and R2 on back of board (chip size: 1608). When doing this, please be advised to assemble chip resistor first, because the distance between chip resistor and pin header is close.

  • About I2C address
    Default address is 0 × 44 (0100 010X) according to solder jumper (AD1, AD0) on back of board.
    You can change I2C address by processing solder jumper as shown on below chart.




PCA9629APW stepping motor driver breakout board
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