MCP23017 GPIO Expander for Raspberry Pi

16-port I/O expander for Raspberry Pi. MCP23017 by Microchip is mounted on the expander. It has I2C interface and works with a wide range of voltage level, including 3.3V and 5.5V.


  • operating voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • 16-port I/O extender (8 ports x 2 groups)
  • independently set up input/output for each port
  • Pattern allows Pull-up resistor for I2C (resistor not pre-installed)
  • Soldering jumpers x 3 for setting up I2C address
  • Color = Blue
  • Dimensions = 20.32mm x 63.50mm (vertical x horizontal)

The kit includes:

  • module mounted with MCP23017
  • 1 x 40 pin header (right angled) x 1

Please solder the header as appropriate for the use.



MCP23017 GPIO Expander for Raspberry Pi
Name MCP23017 GPIO Expander for Raspberry Pi
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