ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout type T

The pitch has been converted on ESP-WROOM-02, a Wi-Fi module from Espressif Systems for easier use on breadboard. This T form allows all the pins on ESP-WROOM-02 to draw 2.54 mm pitch and at the same time not covering the breadboard.

Pin header is not included.

The PCB does not cover the antenna.

ESP-WROOM-02 Features

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • 32-bit low power micro-controller (MCU)
  • 10 bit A/D Converter
  • TCP/IP
  • FCC、CE、Design certified
  • Deep sleep mode: Under 10 uA, Off mode: Under 5 uA
  • Startup to packet transmission: Under 2 ms
  • Power consumption(standby): Under 1 mW(DTIM3)
  • Output: +20 dBm(when using 802.11b)
  • -40 ℃〜125 ℃


  • Operating voltage: 3.0 ~ 3.6 V
  • Power consumption: Approximately 80 mA
  • Corresponding WiFi protocol: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • 18 mm × 20 mm × 3 mm
  • Wi-Fi mode station/ softAP/ SoftAP + Station
  • Security: WPA/ WPA2
  • Encryption: WEP/ TKIP/ AES

Comparison with ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout Pro (2347)


Product page (English)

BBS (English)

Downloads (English)

ESP8266EX Datasheet Version 4.4 (English) (pdf)

ESP8266 System Description Version 1.4 (English) (pdf)

ESP-WROOM-02 Datasheet Version 0.6 (English) (pdf)

Compliance guide (Japanese)

ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout type T
Name ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout type T
Code SSCI-025805
SKU# 2580
Shipping EMS
Price: 7.32 USD
  • ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout Simple

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 8.00 USD
  • ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout Pro SSCI-023474 (2347)

    ESP-WROOM-02 Breakout Pro

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 8.00 USD
  • ESP-WROOM-02 is a 32-bit low power micro-controller (MCU) Wi-Fi Module that integrates TCP/IP network stacks, and includes 10-bit ADC with HSPI, SDIO, UART, PWM, I2C, and I2S interfaces.The highlight of this board is an FT231X USB-to-Serial converter. That’s what translates data between your computer and ESP-WROOM-02.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 18.00 USD