ESPr® Developer w/o header - ESP8266 developement board

Former product name: ESP-WROOM-02 Development Board

This product was renamed from ESP-WROOM-02 Development Board to ESPr Developer as of June 9th 2016.

It is a development board with ESP-WROOM-02 and USB Serial converter IC (FT231XS). It also has a 3.3 V output regulator, reset switch and an running mode switcher which enables you to use your ESP-WROOM-02 Wi-Fi right away.

The highlight of this board is an FT231X USB-to-Serial converter. That's what translates data between your computer and ESP-WROOM-02.

Solder pin headers to bread board. Pin headers not included.


Also defects might occur when using VIN pin with Rev.2 on the back. This has been improved from Rev.3. All the products have switched to Rev.3 as of July 29th 2016.


  • ESP-WROOM-02

    • IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
    • 32-bit low power micro-controller (MCU)
    • 10 bit A/D Converter
    • TCP/IP
    • FCC、CE、Design certified
    • Deep sleep mode: Under 10 uA, Off mode: Under 5 uA
    • Startup to packet transmission: Under 2 ms
    • Power consumption(standby): Under 1 mW(DTIM3)
    • Output: +20 dBm(when using 802.11b)
    • -40 ℃〜125 ℃
  • USB : MicroUSB

  • FT231XS on board

    • TX,RX signs on LED for correspondence check are reversed.RX will switch when a transmission has been made from ESP-WROOM-02.Alterations are planned from next lot.(July 12th 2016)
  • RESET button、MODE Switch Button

  • Operation Voltage: 3.3 V
  • Power pin

    • VIN: 3.7-6 V
    • VOUT: Changed name to VOUT pin from 5 V pin.(January 8th 2016)
    • Operating voltage: 5 V (fed from USB),Power of VIN will output from VOUT (fed from VIN)
    • 3.3 V Pin: For output purpose only


  • Board X 1



ESPr® Developer w/o header - ESP8266 developement board
Name ESPr® Developer w/o header - ESP8266 developement board
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