Breadboard Power Supply 5V with PTC

A breadboard power supply board that takes power from a microUSB and outputs a fuse protected and regulated 5 V. It come with a resettable fuse (PTC) for the hold current of 250mA and the trip current of 580mA. Removing the short, the PTC 'resets' and allows current up to 250mA to flow again.


+- on the module and +- on breadboard should match when connecting.

Pin headers are assembled so there is no need to solder them.


  • microUSB
  • Output voltage: 5 V(USB Dependent)
  • Resettable fuse
  • Hold current: 250mA
  • Trip current: 580mA
  • It will shut down if you turn on the current continuously or under 580mA according to environment temperature.
  • It may take time to shut down depending on current.
  • The current will not completely stop upon shut down.


  • Board x 1


Breadboard Power Supply 5V with PTC
Name Breadboard Power Supply 5V with PTC
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