TsuboLink-II HRM1017

TsuboLink-II for HRM1017 is a CMSIS-DAP debug adaptor used for programming and debugging the HRM1017 breakout.

In addition to the CMSIS-DAP debug adaptor feature, TsuboLink-II for HRM1017 can be used to program the HRM1017 breakout by drag-n-drop the HEX file generated by the mbed online compiler. The combination of the HRM1017 breakout and TsuboLink-II for HRM1017 works almost identical to the mbed HRM1017.As its name suggests, this product is designed only for programming HRM1017 module with drag-n-drop and not for other Nordic nRF51822 based modules.


  • 1 x TSUBOLink-II
  • 1 x Jumper socket
  • 1 x Ribbon cable

It can supply 3.3V by VTREF which is 1pin of SWD (CoreSight 10), if you short a jumper on PCB with a jumper socket.



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TsuboLink-II HRM1017
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