MIP Reflective color LCD module 1.28" w/ backlight

Ultra-low power consumption color reflective LCD module from JDI (Japan Display Inc.). Introduction of proprietary reflective color technology made it possible for you to enjoy clear visibility even under the direct sunlight. Assembled back light ensures visibility in a dark. Communication method and size are SPI and 1.28 model respectively.

No need for backlight, if there is a light source, realized significant reduction of power consumption compared to transmissive LCDs. Also adopting MIP (Memory in pixel) technology allows to built in SRAM in each pixel, still images can be displayed continuously without input as long as power is on. These features allow up to 99% lower power consumption than transmissive LCDs.

It is possible to develop with mbed by connecting it through FRDM-K64F and connection board .

※ There is a protective film with a red line on the display surface. Remove it before use.


  • Power Voltage:3.0 V
  • Screen Size:1.28 model (23.0208 mm × 23.0208 mm)
  • Resolution:176 × 176
  • Pixel Density:194 ppi
  • Number of colors:8
  • Ultra low power consumption(No backlight)
  • Still Image Display:2 μW(Typ.)
  • 1 fps reflesh:10 μW(Typ.)
  • 10 fps reflesh:90 μW(Typ.)
  • Backlight Forward Voltage:2.68 V(Typ.)
  • Backlight Consumption Current :5 mA(Given VDD=3.0 V、VDDA=3.0 V、VIH=3.0 V、VIL=0 V)
  • Communication method:SPI
  • Display Interface:0.5 mm pitch 10 pins ZIF connector compatible FPC
  • Backlight Interface:0.5 mm pitch 4 pins ZIF connector compatible FPC


MIP Reflective color LCD module 1.28" w/ backlight
Name MIP Reflective color LCD module 1.28" w/ backlight
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