YMF825Board Rev.A

This is a board with a Yamaha YMF825 (SD-1) mounted on it. The SD-1 is a 4-operator, 16-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer chip. Its registers can be controlled directly by SPI. The board has a crystal unit. The chip has a DAC and an amplifier. You can generate sound by only manipulating the registers.


  • 3.5 mm Headphone jack
  • 12.288MHz crystal unit
  • YMF825 chipset
  • Integrated loudspeaker driver
  • Synchronous serial data link for host controller interface (SPI compatible)
  • FM tone generator
  • Integrated 3-band equalizer
  • IOVDD(switching 5 V / 3.3 V)

Power Supply

  • Single 5 V Power Supply Configuration

No changes to the schematic are necessary. Please connect the power supply to 5 V and GND. The 3.3 V terminal will not be used.

  • Dual Power Supply(5 V/3.3 V) Configuration

Please connect a power supply to 3.3 V (separately from 5 V). Remove the R0 resistor. Short S1 with solder.


Terminal List

Terminal Number / Function Name Description
0: SS Slave Selection of Serial Interface (Chip Select)
1: MOSI Master Out, Slave In of Serial Interface, Input of YMF825Board
2: MISO Master In, Slave Out of Serial Interface, Output of YMF825Board
3: SCK Serial Interface Clock
4: GND Ground of referenced voltage
5: 5 V 5 V power supply input
6: RST_N Reset the YMF825. Can be left unconnected because the YMF85 has a power-on reset and a software reset function.
7: AUDIO LINE Output. Refer to the schematic.
8: 3.3 V 3.3 V power supply input. In the case of the dual power supply.

Hardware Specification

Item Description
Speaker Output 0.9 W/8Ω
Serial Interface MAX 10 MHz
Vih 0.8 x IOVDD
Vil 0.2 x IOVDD
5 V 4.5 V~5.5 V
3.3 V 3.0 V~3.6 V
Operating temperature range -20℃ -- 85℃


YMF825Board Rev.A
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