NFC Dynamic Tag(FeliCa Plug) RC-S801

The NFC Dynamic Tag (FeliCa Plug) is FeliCa wireless module with a cable interface to enable transmission between NFC reader/writers (FeliCa Port, PaSoRi, Google Nexus S etc.) and other Electronic equipment or gadgets. The NFC Dynamic Tag can be drived by 8-bit microcontrollers including Arduino using serial communication.

The difference between RC-S801 and RC-S802 is the size of its antenna. S801 has bigger antenna so it supposed to have bigger square tolerance zone when communicating with reader/writher. Both module has 0.5mm 8 pin FFC/FPC connector. For prototyping with breadboard, our FeliCa Plug Pitch Conversion Board is recommended.


NFC Dynamic Tag(FeliCa Plug) RC-S801
Name NFC Dynamic Tag(FeliCa Plug) RC-S801
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