ESPr® Developer Grove shield

This is a shield to apply GROVE system device for ESPr Developer. It is a Switch Science original board, based on circuit designed by Mr. Shigeru Kobayashi from IAMAS.

4 connectors (2 digitals, 1 analog, 1 I2C) in total.

Power Voltage is 3.3 V. It can not be applied to device with just 5 V.

GROVE connector for digital input/output has two GPIOs assigned. D12 and D13 are connected to D12, D14 and D15 are connected to D14.

AnalogRead output level of some of the Analog GROVE module will not reach 1023 and will sustain at approx 970 for some reason. We are currently tracing the cause.




Connecting Example

ESPr® Developer Grove shield
Name ESPr® Developer Grove shield
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