ESPr® Door sensor with ESP-WROOM-02

This product is a radio controlled door sensor with ESP-WROOM-02 Wi-Fi module and lead switch. You can get Open/ Close information by Wi-Fi. Please use Lithium-ion battery for power. You can switch from programming mode to running mode by replacing the jumper socket. You will need a Serial USB converter (5 V/3.3 V Selectable) for program storage. Please purchase magnet separately because it is not included. This sensor is designed to be applied for doors that close when it is in action like a bathroom door. Please be advised that it might misunderstand the command you give. Click for more details.


  • ESP-WROOM-02 WiFi Module
  • Power:
    • Micro USB (DC 5 V only for loading)
    • PH Connector (One Lithium-ion cell)
    • Vin pin + - (DC 3.7 ~ 6.0 V)
  • Lead Switch (Connect to GPIO5)
  • LED for validation (Connect to GPIO4)
  • Battery voltage checker (Set voltage to 1/10 level and input to Tout)
  • External circuit connector pin:
    • 3.3 Vout, GND
    • GPIO12, GPIO13, GPIO14, RESET
  • Additional Lead switch connector pin (J3)
  • Rewriting firmware


  • Board X 1
  • Jumper socket


ESPr® Door sensor with ESP-WROOM-02
Name ESPr® Door sensor with ESP-WROOM-02
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