Protoboard for Raspberry Pi

This Prototyping Board is designed for Raspberry Pi model B+ HAT (Hardware Attached on Top).

It can also be used for Raspberry Pi A+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

You can mount EEPROM(CAT24C32YI-GI3)(Not mounted or included) on the board.

By writing the board information on EEPROM, you will be able to check which board you chose from Raspberry Pi model B+.

Also, by cutting solder jumper (SJ1), it will stop writing to EEPROM.

There is a slit on the board for the FFC.

Difference between α version:

  • We have altered some of the diameters on the board (where the pins were printed by silkscreen) for the pin headers insertion.
  • The surface coating has changed from gold flash to lead free




2x20 pin header and M2.6 spacer and screw.
(The image below is the α version)


C1 :Chip condenser (1608 size) 0.1uF
R1 :Chip resistor (1608 size) 1kΩ
R2 :Chip resistor (1608 size) 3.9kΩ
R3 :Chip resistor (1608 size) 3.9kΩ

When it is assembled

Protoboard for Raspberry Pi
Name Protoboard for Raspberry Pi
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Price: 6.08 USD
  • This is a universal board which can connect GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi directly,
    and it comes with L-shaped Pin Socket 2x13 (26P).

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 6.48 USD