Vanilla Edge for Raspberry Pi

This is a universal board which can connect to GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi directly. It comes with L-shaped Pin Sockets 2x13 (26P). Using this socket, you can attach it perpendicularly to Raspberry Pi, which means that it doesn't interfere with other connectors.

The connectors draw all the signals clearly, making it a little easier to connect to the sensors and LEDs, for those who are not eager to solder.

The tab has been acquired since the last version to prevent reverse insertion.




The signals are printed on this side too.

When it is used

Vanilla Edge for Raspberry Pi
Name Vanilla Edge for Raspberry Pi
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  • This is IDC Ribbon Cable with 26 pins (2x13), and the lengh of cable is 15cm.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 3.02 USD This item is retired.