Breakout board for NCP2811 Audio Power Amplifier

Breakout board for ON semiconductor's audio power amplifier NCP2811, which functions without external coupling capacitors. It is compact compared to a typical stereo application as the large capacitors can be removed. It also prevents the pop and click noise that usually occurs during turn on and turn off transitions.


  • Mounted ON semiconductor's NCP2811B
  • Power-supply voltage: 2.7 V - 5.0 V
  • Surface- and headphone jack- mounted
  • Input terminal parts are unpopulated
  • Output bypassing the headphone jack
  • Board color: blue
  • Board dimension: 15.24 mm×25 m


Breakout board for NCP2811 Audio Power Amplifier
Name Breakout board for NCP2811 Audio Power Amplifier
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