MIDI-Guy Kit (with DIN->TRS 3.5mm conversion cable)

MIDI Guy is a sound module with SAM2695, a single chip General MIDI(GM) synthesizer. It can generate GM's 127 sound programs such as "Acoustic Grand Piano", "Trumpet", etc.

You can also use effects and EQs. Please refer to the SAM2695's datasheet for details.


  • Compact, complete General MIDI Sound Module(w 30 mm x h 44 mm)
  • Has micro USB type power connector. Easy to find cables and power sources.
  • Easy to assemble. Just soldering power connector.
  • Four 3.2mm holes for screw clamping


  • Manual(English/Japanese)
  • Pre-assembled circuit board
  • micro USB type power connector
  • DIN->TRS 3.5mm conversion cable


This is a consignment product by Kinoshita Laboratory. Please let me know if the shipping problem should occur. We do not advise the technical issue. Please learn on the website, solve the problem yourself.

MIDI-Guy Kit (with DIN->TRS 3.5mm conversion cable)
Name MIDI-Guy Kit (with DIN->TRS 3.5mm conversion cable)
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