ambiq apollo2 DIPPCB

Ambiq apollo2 is ultra-low power MCU of ARM Cortex-M4. Mounted it on DIP-PCB.


  • By SPOT technology, the core supply current is less than 10uA/MHz.
  • All MCU pins are connected 2.54 mm pitched DIP terminal (Except RTC pin. It’s connected XTAL).
  • Signal lines are aligned isometrically.

MCU specification

  • MCU: ambiq apollo2
  • Core: ARM Cortex M4 (32b it)
  • Maximum clock frequency: 48 MHz
  • Flash memory: 1 MB
  • RAM: 256 KB
  • Operating Range: 1.755 V~3.63V
  • Package: BGA 64 pin
  • Maximum energy consumption: 2.028 mW (48 MHz Common program running)
  • Minimum energy consumption: 9.9 uW (Deep sleep)
  • Peripherals: GPIO/Timer/SPI/I2C/UART/ADC/PDM/I2S/Temperature

※The power consumption fluctuates by the several conditions.

Product specification

  • Size: 33.02 mm x 40.64 mm x 1.0 mm(T)
  • RTC: 32.768 KHz mounted
  • Include:PCB * 1

PCB top side

PCB bottom side


Available from ambiq co.,Ltd site(apollo2 -> Software -> ambiqSuite -> SDK Version 2.2.0)


This is a consignment product by Shinpo denshi. Please let me know if the shipping problem should occur. We do not advise the technical issue. Please learn on the website solve the problem yourself.

ambiq apollo2 DIPPCB
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