Uart WiFi Board Starter Kit


Uart WiFi Board
Do you want to try a transparent serial cable replacement?The Uart WiFi Board is an answer! This board designed as the transparent WiFi-serial bridge. The Uart WiFi board is based on the popular ESP8266(ESP-WROOM-02) WiFi module. Of course you can upload your software with Arduino IDE.

This starter kit includes boards and cables to help you setup the Uart WiFi Board. The FTDI Breakout adapter is used to upload software to the WiFi Board.

Uart WiFi Board with ArduinoUNO
If you have some Arduino form-factor board, the Communication Shield is the easiest way to connect with the WiFi board.

Uart WiFi Board with ArduinoProMicro
Starter kit includes a Dupont Female socket cable. You can easily connect your board via the cable.


  1. Main core: ESP-WROOM-02(ESP8266)
  2. The 128x32 pixels OLED display installed
  3. Voltage regulator(3.3V) with control pin
  4. Opto-isolated UART interface(Uart interface circuit accepts 3.3V and 5.0V)
  5. On board WiFi-controller can use following functions
    • LED1(IO2), SW1(IO12/POW_ON), SW2(IO16) and SW3(IO13)
    • Control voltage regulator's control pin connected to "IO14" H:Enable L:Disable(normally)
    • Voltage detection circuit(for CN1) connected to "TOUT"
  6. Measures 50mm x 60mm x 20mm


- Uart WiFi Board
- Communication Shield
- FTDI Breakout adapter
- Battery Case(4 x AAA) x 1
- Cables x 3


The Uart WiFi Board is tested with
Use Serial USB converter (5 V/3.3 V Selectable).

Uart WiFi Board Starter Kit
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