W&T Thermal Cam PCB

The PCB for Lepton® longwave infrared (LWIR) imager(80x60), which will capable send thermal image to iPhone via WiFi. This is PCB only no any other parts included, which should be prepared by user.

_The parts required to solider on this PCB, ESP-WROOM-02, 3 or 3.3v regulator, capacitors10uf, pull up(down) resistors10k, LED. _

According to their support blog page, write their sketch into this board and download W&T Thermal Cam from iOS Apps store. The data of the FLiR sensor connected to the board is displayed in real time on iPhone, and the video can be saved.

This PCB also apply for Lepton 3.x.

This is a consignment product by W&T. Please let me know if the shipping problem should occur. We do not advise the technical issue. Please learn on the website solve the problem yourself.

W&T Thermal Cam PCB
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