Isolated PSoC3/4/5LP Programmer/Debugger

Programmer / debugger for MCU of Cypress "PSoC3", "PSoC4" and "PSoC5LP".


  1. USB Isolation
    A digital isolator with a withstand voltage of 2.5 kV is mounted between the PC and the debug target. Protect PC from accident during debug and prevents malfunction due to unintentional current flow into the debug target.

  2. Small size
    All functions are contained in a 52 x 13 mm housing.

  3. USB connector
    rugged microUSB connector is adopted.

  4. SWD interface
    The connection to the debug target (PSoC) supports SWD (5 pin). Program and debugging is possible with PSoC's minimal consumption of precious I/O resources.

  5. I2C interface
    It provides I2C port for communication with Capsense and other devices. The communication rate can be selected from 1 MHz / 400 kHz / 100 kHz / 50 kHz.
    (Voltage level: 1.8 kΩ pulled up to the target power supply pin (VTARG).)
    Connectors : molex Co. 3pin connector 530470310 has adopted.

  6. LED
    Local Power supply indicator-LED(green),USB connection(green) and target connection and status LED (red) showing operation status are equipped.

  7. Target-delivered VTARG
    VTARG is supplied from the target.

Hardware spec:

  1. Hardware
    Cypress KitProg1 compatible
    KitProg User Guide

  2. Target power supply voltage range
    3.3V / 5.0V±10%

  3. Size
    52mm x 13mm x 9.5mm

  4. Lead-free
    The solder used for component mounting is a Sn-Ag-Cu based lead-free solder.


  1. Driver
    It is included in PSoC Creator. Download the PSoC Creator here.

  2. Firmware update
    It is possible to update to the latest version from Cypress Update Manager.


  1. Product
  2. Description link card


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Isolated PSoC3/4/5LP Programmer/Debugger
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