TouchMIDI is a board outputs MIDI via USB when capacitance touch sensors are touched.

Firmware is already written to this board, so you can utilize it for making your original MIDI controller project only soldering electrodes.


  • adopting CapSense technology by Cypress
  • USB mini-B connector enables it to output MIDI
  • small size 50 mm x 19 mm
  • power supplied via a USB cable
  • only you have to do is just soldering electrodes
  • firmware already written, 10 electrodes are assigned to MIDI note:C3 to E4
  • enable to rewrite firmware to PIC18F14K50 by using PICkit3

How to use:

  • let No.8~12 of P1, No.1~5 of P4 be soldered to electrodes.
  • You can realize them easily by using a copper foil tape cut 1 cm square, and soldering cables to those pins.
  • connect USB mini-B cable to PC/smartphone
  • software synthesizer that has a MIDI functionality can be sounded by touching electrodes
  • an interval of two hole is 1320 mil (about 3.35 cm)


This is a consignment product by Kigakudoh. Please let me know if the shipping problem should occur. We do not advise the technical issue. Please learn on the website, solve the problem yourself.

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