Soldering iron thermometer shield for Arduino

Thermocouple Arduino shield that measures the temperature of a soldering iron. We recommend it for people who are having a hard time soldering, or want to know the temperature of the iron.

The I/O voltage correspond to both 3.3 V and 5 V Arduino shields.

How to use:Please refer to (Sorry only in Japanese)

Pin header is not included.


When it is on Arduino Uno R3

When it is connected to I2C small LCD board (3.3V)(sold separately)


  • Thermocouple:HAKKO 191-212
  • MAX31855 on board
  • Communication method:SPI
  • Can switch voltage (3.3 V to 5V) by short jumper SJ1 SJ2 (5 V at default)
  • Can switch SPI pins by short jumper SJ3 SJ4
  • 12、13 pins (at default) or ICSP pin
  • I2C small LCD board (3.3V) Connectable
  • Short SJ5 and SJ6 when using A4 and A5 for I2C pin on LCD board


  • Shield × 1
  • M2.6×10 Stainless screw × 3
  • M2.6 Stainless nut × 6
  • HAKKO 191-212 Thermocouple (K Type) × 2


Soldering iron thermometer shield for Arduino
Name Soldering iron thermometer shield for Arduino
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  • I2C small LCD board (3.3V) SSCI-014052 (1405)

    Breadboard friendly, 2.54mm pitch, I2C controlled 8x2 characters LCD board for 3.3V microcontroller. It has the pull-up resistors for I2C bus in it.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 8.61 USD
  • SPI bus controlled Type-K thermocouple sensor based on the Maxim MAX31855

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 28.00 USD This item is retired.