Wall Bot BLE

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Wallbot BLE is an mbed enabled robotics kit which has 2 wheels and magnets underneath the boards. You can control this robot by an iOS App.


  • Control MCU: Nordic Semiconductors nRF51822
    • Clock Frequency:16 MHz
    • Flash: 256 KByte
    • RAM: 16 KByte
  • mbed Interface MCU:NXP Semiconductors LPC11U35
    • USB drag and drop programming
    • USB Virtual COM port for serial terminal
    • CMSIS-DAP interface for programming and debugging
  • Storage: MMC Card Slot
  • Sensors:
    • Triple-axis MEMS accelerometer
    • Triple-axis MEMS gyroscope
    • Wheel rotation sensor
    • 4 × Reflective sensor
  • Switches:
    • Power switch
    • 3 × Tactile switch
  • Motors: 2 × Micro metal gearmotor
  • Power: lithium polymer battery pack assembled
  • Size: 85 mm x 85 mm x 65 mm

  • Official site

  • mbed platform
  • Schematic
  • Quick start guide

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Wall Bot BLE
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