NinjaScan-Light is a very small motion logger. It is really useful, because it can not only acquire the inertial force, but also obtains position and velocity by using GPS. Moreover, it can collect pressure altitude. This functionality is derived from its various sensing components; a three axis accelerometer, a three axis gyro, a three axis magnetometer, a barometer, a GPS receiver and a thermometer.

The logger is not just a logger to store the data into a microSD card: You can dump real-time data via USB connection. The stored or dumped data is binary, however, you do not hesitate because it is convertible to well-known "csv" format. Thus, you can edit the data by using any software including Microsoft Office Excel. The conversion from binary to csv is easily achieved by using software called "NinjaScan GUI" distributed on our support site.

Let's use NinjaScan-Light as a smart logger for your projects!

[Special remarks] NinjaScan-Light is originally promoted by fenrir ( The license of the logger is so-called "open-hardware" (exactly combination of Creative Commons, and New BSD). By using the license, this product is re-distributed without official support from fenrir.


  • Here you can look the sampling rate of sensors:
    • 100Hz (10ms) is available to an accelometer.
    • 100Hz (10ms) is available to a gyrometer.
    • 2Hz (640ms) is available to a magnetometer.
    • 3Hz (320ms) is available to a barometer.
    • 5Hz (200ms) is available to the GPS.
  • You can also re-write the firmware.
  • Our microSD reader is also available to SDHC and a microSD of a big capacity.
  • You should charge this battery by using USB connection or a LiPo (1 cell = 3.7 V).
  • You can also charge a LiPo by using USB connection.
  • We have prepared GUI software as ZIP for Windows users who want to change these log data to csv files. This software is now available as open-source.


1) Silicon Laboratories C8051F381 MCU providing USB connectability,
2) u-blox NEO-6 series GPS receiver,
3) 6 DOF inertial sensor, Invensense MPU-6000,
4) 3-axis magnetic sensor, Freescale MAG3110,
5) Pressure and temperature sensor, Measurement specialties MS5611,
6) Power management including Li-Ion battery charger, Linear Technology LTC3550
7) MicroSD supporting SDHC/FAT32.


Support Site
User Manual
Project Page (Google Code)


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