Breakout board for 16x2 character I2C LCD module (horizontal type)

This is a breakout board designed for I2C controlled 16 x 2 character LCD.

I2c controlled LCD module itself is thin and works with less pins. But the narrow 1.8 mm pin pitch and need for several power supplies make it hard to handle.

As a solution, we provide this breakout board with drive circuit, fixing it to operate at 5.0 V and modifying the pin pitch to 2.54 mm (0.1").

It has pull-up resistors for I2C bus, so all you have to do is solder pin header for your intended use. The pin assignment is same as Arduino Uno R3. Arduino output port can provide sufficient power to this LCD, which works with low power consumption.


  • 16x2 character LCD

  • character code is Cyrillic writing + alphabet (not ASCII)

  • Operating voltage: 5.0 V

  • Equipped with I2C pull-up resistor

  • Display color: blue

  • Outer Dimension: 33.02 mm × 15.24 m

  • I2C Slave address: 0x3A(7bit)


  • This module places characters in reverse direction of I2C small LCD board.

  • Please prepare pin header separately and solder them for your intended use.


Schmetic (pdf)

Data sheet (pdf)

Product page (kyoritsu Denshi)Japanese

Sample Sketch (Japanese)


When assembled

How it looks when you have assembled straight pin header to board.

How to use

Pin assignments are the same as Arduino Uno R3, therefore you can drive it directly as shown below.

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Breakout board for 16x2 character I2C LCD module (horizontal type)
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