IRKit is a WiFi enabled Open Source Infrared Remote Controller device.

Home electronics with an infrared remote, like air conditioners, TVs,
lights can be controlled using iPhone and iPad via IRKit.

IRKit works with IRKit's official

and you can easily create iOS apps to send IR signals to control home
electronics using IRKit iOS-SDK .

You can create apps for example that does:

  • Use location, turns on air conditioner when you arrive near your home.
  • Press one button to turn off all your home electronics when you leave home.
  • Connect with Facebook, and automatically change your TV's channel to
    which your friend is watching.

You can also use JavaScript to send IR
or use curl on Terminal to send IR

IRKit itself runs a HTTP server.
You can POST JSON formatted IR signal to it to send IR signals.
When you're not in the same WiFi network, you can POST to our server
on internet to send IR signals also.

IRKit is a Arduino derivative Open Source hardware.
Open pins are pulled out, so you can add some components like
temperature sensor or brightness sensor and modify IRKit's firmware,
write it into IRKit using Arduino IDE to make it more smart.

So, what did you hate about your remote controller?
How would you like to control it?

Schematics and Firmware:

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