ARM® mbed™ Enabled BLE development board by Switch Science available on February 24th

ARM® mbed™ Enabled BLE development board by Switch Science available on February 24th.

Tokyo, JAPAN; February 24th, 2016 - Switch Science is announcing Switch Science TY51822r3, an mbed Enabled Bluetooth Low Energy development board. ARM mbed project is collaboratively developed by ARM and its technology partners to accelerate the growth of the IoT. Switch Science TY51822r3 is the first ARM mbed IoT Device that Switch Science developed after joining the ARM ecosystem partner.


Product information

SKUNamePriceRelease date
SSCI-025744 Switch Science TY51822r3 USD 38.00 February 24th, 2016

Product details

BLE module on Switch Science TY51822r3 is Taiyo Yuden EYSGCNZWY. EYSGCNZWY is FCC, IC, and TELEC approved.

Switch Science TY51822r3 is a successor product of mbed HRM1017, the mbed Enabled BLE development board which Switch Science launched in June 2014. The most significant difference is RAM size, which is doubled from 16 KB to 32 KB in Switch Science TY51822r3. This makes it possible to run larger applications such as IPv6 enabled. . For further details on product comparisons between existing mbed HRM1017 and Switch Science TY51822r3, please refer to the table below.

Switch Science became the ARM mbed ecosystem partner in October 2015. ARM mbed Ecosystem Partners share a vision for the future where development and deployment of commercial Internet of Things (IoT) devices is possible at scale, and a desire to collaborate on concrete plans and projects to make that vision a reality. Switch Science has been contributing to mbed platform development since before joining Ecosystem partners by developing, manufacturing and distributing mbed enabled modules and the related products. With the aim of spreading and diffusing mbed in Japan, Switch Science has been proactively involved in organizing mbed user meet-ups called mbed-fest. Starting with this new release of Switch Science TY51822r3, Switch Science will be appearing for further contribution as ARM mbed Ecosystem Partner.

Main Features of the Product

  • SoC: Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822
  • Flash: 256KB
  • RAM: 32KB
  • LFCLK: 32kHz
  • Interface: SPI, UART, I2C, GPIO
  • Dimensions: 17.7 mm x 45.0 mm x 5.3 mm

*A pin header does not come bundled with the board. This product is made suitable for various uses including individual electronics projects, prototyping of IoT devices, and Research and Development.

Product Comparison Table

 mbed HRM 1017Switch Science TY51822r3
Mounted Device Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822
LFCLK - 32kHz
Interface SPI、UART、I2C、GPIO etc. SPI、UART、I2C、GPIO etc.
size 17.7mm × 47.0mm × 11.4mm 17.7mm × 45.0mm × 5.3mm
Pin Header Installed Not bundled

What is ARM mbed?

ARM mbed is the idea that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a collaboration between the people who make things, the people who use things and the people who make the services all these things use. ARM created a solution to help lead sustainable growth within the IoT and named it mbed.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the power-efficient version of Bluetooth, which makes it perfect for devices that run for long periods on power sources such as coin cell batteries. Devices including iPhone, iPad, and some Android smartphones and tablets support BLE communications. iBeacon is also a product that takes advantage of BLE technologies.


Switch Science TY51822r3 will be available at

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