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  • It is a connection board to connect JDI reflective memory in pixel (MIP) LCD to FRDM-K64F. Since it supports multiple types of LCD and is assembled with an oscillation circuit etc., by simply connecting it,it is possible to evaluate JDI reflective MIP LCD.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 85.71 USD
  • An ESPr Developer semi finished kit with ultra low power consumption color LCD from JDI (Japan Display Inc). The components are fully soldered, so just fix the display to get started!

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 76.19 USD
  • We soldered a lead on a board that allows you to touch the screen without using your hands. Because it has a driver for the relay, it allows direct connection to your microcontroller board. Also, components such as crocodile clips can be connected directly.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 8.33 USD
  • Speaker set for Super directional ultrasonic speaker which delivers sound only straight ahead by ultrasound.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 120.00 USD
  • This is a board with ESP-WROOM-02 Wi-Fi module, IR LED and IR remote control receiver module. You will be able to control your air conditioner etc. using Wi-Fi.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 28.00 USD
  • This product is a radio controlled door sensor with ESP-WROOM-02 Wi-Fi module and lead switch. You can get Open/ Close information by Wi-Fi. Please use Lithium-ion battery for power.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 25.00 USD
  • This is a shield to apply GROVE system device for ESPr Developer. It is a Switch Science original board, based on circuit designed by Mr. Shigeru Kobayashi from IAMAS.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 4.00 USD
  • A sensor board equipped with 9 axis sensor LSM9DS1 from ST for ESPr Developer. LSM9DS1 is a 9 axis MEMS sensor equipped with 3 axis Accelerator, 3 Gyrosensor and 3 Magnetometer.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 16.00 USD
  • ESPr Developer Environment sensor shield

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 20.00 USD
  • This is an universal shield, the size of ESPr Developer (ESP-WROOM-02 Development board) It is very handy when you want to add a small circuit.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 11.27 USD
  • ESPr® Developer w/ female headers - ESP8266 development board

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 20.77 USD
  • ESP-WROOM-02 WiFi module is loaded on Arduino compatible board. There are redundant pins on this board, because GPIO pins of ESP-WROOM-02 are lesser than Arduino. Only one A0 analog input pin. Although it is compatible to Arduino please be aware that it might not operate properly depending on choice of shield. Please refer to How to develop with Arduino IDE for more details. Operating voltage of input/output pin is 3.3 V.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 23.99 USD
  • ESP-WROOM-02 is a 32-bit low power micro-controller (MCU) Wi-Fi Module that integrates TCP/IP network stacks, and includes 10-bit ADC with HSPI, SDIO, UART, PWM, I2C, and I2S interfaces.The highlight of this board is an FT231X USB-to-Serial converter. That’s what translates data between your computer and ESP-WROOM-02.

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 18.00 USD
  • 2ch LED simple signal monitor using FET

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 3.13 USD
  • Bidirectional I2C voltage level shifter using FET

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 2.60 USD
  • PCA9624PW I2C 8ch LED driver board with 8 LEDs onboard

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 6.08 USD
  • PCA9622DR I2C 16ch LED driver borad with 4x4 LEDs onboard

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 8.00 USD
  • PCA9632DP1 I2C 4ch LED driver board with 4 LEDs onboard

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 4.83 USD
  • PCA9541APW I2C-bus master selector breakout board

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 5.63 USD
  • PCA9600D dual bidirectional bus buffer breakout board

    Shipping Method: EMS Price: 5.02 USD